A simple introduction to the UltraSync BLUE - learn about its features and specifications.

  • Technical Specification - UltraSync BLUE


    Category Specification
    Dimensions 55mm × 44mm × 17mm (width × height × depth)
    OLED Display Blue 128 × 32 Pixels
    Timecode generator accuracy TCX0 0.5ppm when free running. In practice, approximately 1 frame drift in 24 hours. Zero ppm when RF locked to a master.
    Supported frame rates




    30.0D (drop frame)


    29.97D (drop frame)


    External power USB-C (5V DC)
    Internal power Built-in Li-Polymer (3.7V battery 800mAh 2.96Wh). The battery cannot be replaced by users.
    Charging Time Approximately 3.5 hours.
    Battery Run Time Approximately 20 hours.
    Multi Channel Digital Transceiver 865.050MHz to 923.200MHz
    Antenna Internal antennas with diversity reception capability.
    RF Range*

    The typical range for synchronisation with a master is approximately 200m (656 feet, 219 yards). This range is based on an uninterrupted line of sight. If there are obstacles between a slave and master, the range can be reduced.

    Bluetooth® Range Bluetooth low energy range (BLE) for lower power consumption. Designed for use in same room as other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

    *Typical range. The range can vary.

  • Mounting - UltraSync BLUE

    To mount your UltraSync BLUE, fix a hook-fastening Velcro strap to the 'MOUNTING' section on the rear side of the unit.


    You can then attach the UltraSync BLUE to other equipment.

  • Charging - UltraSync BLUE

    If your UltraSync BLUE's battery is running out of power, the LED flashes red and the screen shows 'Battery Power Critical'. The battery level is also shown on the main screen.


    To recharge the battery, use the USB-C to USB cable that is supplied with your UltraSync BLUE and a compatible charger socket (not supplied).


    Note: Battery life may be reduced if your UltraSync BLUE is used in extreme temperatures. Very hot and very cold conditions can affect battery performance.

  • Display and Controls - UltraSync BLUE

    Your UltraSync BLUE is easy to set up and use. It has a simple menu system for applying the device's settings.


    Number Name Description



    Colour-coded to show different status (see LED Colours).



    Use to choose an option and light up the OLED.



    Use to scroll down the menu options and the status screens.



    Use to scroll up the menu options and the status screens.



    Shows status information and the menus for choosing the settings.


    LED Colours

    The LED to the right of the OLED acts as a colour-coded status indicator.

    Colour Description

    The LED flashes green if:

    UltraSync BLUE is in Free Run mode.

    UltraSync BLUE is in RF Slave mode and is synchronised with the master.

    UltraSync BLUE is in Int Master RF TX mode.

    The LED shows a solid green light if the UltraSync BLUE is switched off and the battery is fully charged.


    The LED flashes blue if:

    UltraSync BLUE is in RF Slave mode and is not synchronised with the master.


    The LED will flash red if:

    UltraSync BLUE is powered down and charging. (The LED does not show red if the UltraSync BLUE is charging while it is switched on).

    UltraSync BLUE has a low battery.

    UltraSync BLUE is resynchronising with a master device (LED flashes red twice, very quickly).

    If you are unfamiliar with the concept of master and slave devices, see Sync with other Timecode Devices.

  • Switch On or Off - UltraSync BLUE

    UltraSync BLUE uses a two-step approach for turning on and off. This helps to prevent you from accidentally turning the UltraSync BLUE on or off during recording - you have to choose to power it on or off and then confirm your choice.

    1. Press the Select button.


      The UltraSync BLUE screen lights up. If it does not light up, the UltraSync BLUE has no power and needs to be charged (see Charging your UltraSync BLUE).

      If your UltraSync BLUE is on and the battery charge is running low, the LED light turns red.

      If the UltraSync BLUE is currently on, the Main Menu appears (you can ignore the remaining steps).

      If the UltraSync BLUE is currently off, the Power menu appears (continue from step 2).

    2. Press the down button to scroll down to the Power option, and then press the Select button.


    3. Press the up or down to scroll to the option you need:
      • Run - To turn the UltraSync BLUE on.
      • Shut-Down - To turn the UltraSync BLUE off.
      • Factory Reset - To return all of the settings to their default values.
      • Back - to return to the main menu.
    4. Press the Select button.
    5. Choose the Confirm option and press Select (or choose Back to return to the previous screen).