SyncBac Pro Firmware Change log

  • SyncBac PRO for HERO6 change logs
    Firmware notes
    V2.07 12/10/18

    Added Support for HERO7 Black camera
    Added support for the transfer of power via the SyncBac PRO to the HERO7 Black camera

    V2.06 FPGA 1.08


     Faster response on Blink Hub when connected to HERO6 cameras

    Enhanced robust reception of diversity antennas

    Remote power on and off from the Blink Hub app

    Minor Bug fixes

    An update for the GoPro HERO6 camera is required (version 2.01). This solves the remote power on/off from BLINK Hub and timecode chapter

  • SyncBac pro firmware change log

    SyncBac PRO for HERO4



    Firmware notes


    FPGA 1.08


    Faster response times when connected to HERO4 cameras

    Enhanced robust reception of diversity antennas

    Minor bug fixes

    V1.25  2/05/17 Minor bug fixes.
    V1.24  21/04/17 Minor bug fixes. Enhanced user interface for group control to support SyncBac VR.
    V1.21  On release Release version