Ultrasync One - Firmware change log

  • UltraSync One firmware change log



    Firmware update notes
    V1.15 On release  Release version
    v1.24 21/09/2017 Bugs fixed in this update include: genlock jump on RF reconnect, OLED screen flip mode, various RF performance issues and random power off. A device error message has also been added on OLED screen for error reporting.
    v1.25 07/11/2017  Fixes TX issues when the unit is set as ‘master’ in standalone and when jammed to EXT LTC, improves compatibility when transmitting legacy products via Wave and Pulse, speeds up initial connection to Wave/Pulse and re-connection, minor bug fixes.
    v2.03 02/02/2018  Added auto button lock menu (default-on), improved response time of slave units connected to BLINK Hub app, improved genlock accuracy, fixed master TX bug on FCC channels which caused drop-outs, enhanced robust reception of diversity antennas, minor bug fixes.
    v2.07 06/07/2018

     Fixed an issue where the Sync O/P level status was not displaying the correct level when set to LTC output
    Optimisation of RF to improve communication with a master unit

    V2.09 09/01/2019

    Added background firmware feature to log any fault condition during operation

    Added additional routines to reduce the possibility of system freeze from a fault condition

    BLINK RF protocol updated to support future products

    Version Available FPGA update notes
    v1.07 On release  
    v1.10 21/09/2017  
    v1.13 02/02/2018  
    v1.15 06/07/2018 Update for internal testing purposes