Wave firmware change logs

  • Wave firmware change logs


    Firmware update notes
    V4.29 10/08/2018 Fixed a bug which was causing the :pulse to crash upon power cycling a Sound Devices whilst connected with TCB-40 data cable.
    Fixed a bug to ensure the unit was displaying the correct data in the unit information screen.
    V4.28 17/04/2018 Important fix which corrected and issue between the LTC and Genlock phase of LTC and SYNC outputs , plus other minor fixes
    V4.27 14/06/2017 Fixes issues causing units to freeze during updating.
    V4.26 16/05/2017 Minor bug fixes.
    V4.24 21/04/2017  Minor bug fixes. Enhanced user interface for group control to support SyncBac VR.
    V4.22 29/03/2017  RELEASE CANDIDATE: Minor bug fixes.
    V4.19 08/12/2016 Fixed Mac OS X Sierra Connectivity Issues, Fixed IOS 10 Connectivity Issues, Fixed RF Issues for BLINK and Legacy Products, Fixed setting word clock from App, Fixed turn on issue with rotary knob.
    V4.04  27/10/2016 Added support for SyncBac PRO and advancements to BLINK protocol including introduction of a new BLINK Master ID feature.
    V3.42 11/08/2016 Added support for BLINK Hub app and remote control of Sound Devices 6 series recorders via BLINK Hub.
    V3.38 04/07/2016 Added support for Sound Devices 6 series recorders and MovieSlate 8 iOS app. (using TCB40 or TCB41 interface cable).
    V3.20 05/11/2015 Fixes an issue with BLINK when operating at the frame rate of 29.97 FPS.
    Version Available FPGA update notes
    v2.05 17/04/2018 Fixed an issue between LTC and Genlock phase.
    v2.03 02/10/2017 Wordclock level fix.
    Version Available WebView update notes
    V3.10 09/01/2019

    Fixed scaling issue on smaller screens

    Resized settings icon for improved visibility

    Tile sizes adjusted

    Fix regarding local data not being saved

    V3.09 25/10/2018

    Added UltraSync BLUE compatibility , Priority system , Double tap ability , Leave Blink hub unlocked ,username and production name fields 

    Removed WiFi controls and infrastructure support

    Visual enhancements to loading screen and colour panels 

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    V3.05 21/07/2017 UltraSync ONE support , fixed GoPro Global Commands, TS-TCB screen mirror from SD recorder, minor bug fixes.
    v3.04 28/06/2017 Cosmetic change only to fix updater issue where the Blink Hub stopped working after latest update on Mac