• Customise your Denecke TS-TCB Slate

    On-screen menus allow you to easily customise the settings of the Denecke TS-TCB Slate to meet the exact needs of your shoot.

    Turning the knob on the side panel takes you to the information screens:

    1. Text mirrored from app
    2. T/C & Signal strength
    3. USER BITS
    4. FPS & RF Channel number
    6. Firmware version
    7. Serial number
    8. WIFI Network Mode
    9. Wi-Fi SSID name
    10. Wi-Fi IP address (type this into any browser to connect to TS-TCB slate: web view).


  • Button Controls - Denecke TS-TCB Slate

    The side button makes it easy to navigate the menu options. From an information screen, press the knob to go directly to the menu for the corresponding feature. From the default display, press the knob to enter the menu for:

    1. Timecode Mode
    2. Int Generator
    3. RF Settings
    4. Wi-Fi
    5. Brightness (alters both screens)
    6. Settings
    7. Exit


  • Menus - Denecke TS-TCB Slate

    Each menu allows further customisation of your Denecke TS-TCB Slate.

    Timecode Mode

    Choose from three settings:

    • Int Gen. From here you can set your own T/C, user bits and FPS settings, as the ‘master clock’ on set.
    • Ext RF (cont). Constantly jam syncs the internal generator from the received T/C via another TCB device in RF TX mode. If the slate loses signal, the T/C output continues using the internal generator until the signal is received again.
    • Ext LTC (cont). Constantly jam syncs the internal generator from the received T/C via the LEMO 5 socket. If the External TC source is removed, the T/C output continues via internal generator immediately. Use this to ‘Jam’ to external timecode.


    Internal Generator

    Choose from:

    • Set TimeCode. Turn to set flashing digits, press to enter, repeat for each pair.
    • Set User Bits. Turn to set flashing digits, press to enter, repeat for each pair.
    • Set FPS. Set to 25, 23.976, 24, 29.97, 29.97DF, 30 or 30DF.


    RF Settings

    From here select:

    • Channel no. 1 to 14
    • RF TX On/Off. When in Internal or Ext LTC mode the Denecke TS-TCB Slate can transmit its SMPTE timecode data via RF to any other TCB product listening on the same channel.
    • RX UBits On/Off. When On the unit will display and output the UserBits received via RF. If Off the unit will display and output its own UserBits set.
    • B:Link. For future use.

    Wi-Fi Settings

    Unlocks Wi-Fi enabled features including wireless streaming of timecode to Timecode Buddy: app, Adobe LiveLogger app and the MovieSlate 8 logging app:

    • Turn On/Off. When on allows you to restart the Wi-Fi network if needed.
    • Network Type. Select ‘Soft AP’ for normal iOS app connection/TS-TCB: web view, ‘Network’ to connect to a known network with internet access to update firmware.
    • ID No. Give your Denecke TS-TCB: Slate its own SSID name* (choose a number from 001 to 254). *Every Denecke TS-TCB on set needs to be given a different SSID to avoid network clashes.



    • Set Brightness. Allows you to change the level of brightness from 1 through to 8. (8 being the brightest)

    System Settings

    Gives you access to:

    • Set country/area. Set to Europe/UK, USA/CA/AU or Japan.
    • Restore defaults. To remove any customisation.
    • Set passcode. Choose a passcode to allow access to settings changes from Timecode Buddy: app or MovieSlate 8 app. Default passcode is 1111.
    • Update Check. Checks to see if any updates are available (only visible when Wi-Fi is set to network mode and connected).