• Download the SyncBac Pro Manual

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  • Introduction to SyncBac PRO

    Thank you for choosing Timecode Systems' SyncBac PRO as your embedded timecode solution for GoProHERO4™ Silver and Black.

    In this user guide, you will find everything you need to know about using your SyncBac PRO.


    SyncBac PRO for Synchronisation

    SyncBac PRO is a highly accurate timecode generator and multichannel digital timecode transceiver. It can be used:

    • With other SyncBac PROs for multi camera synchronisation.
    • With Timecode Systems :pulse mini-base stations, as a complete 'on-set' solution for synchronising GoPro HERO4™ cameras with other professional cameras and audio recorders.

    Tip: If you use SyncBac PRO with a :pulse, you have free access to BLINK Hub app, which provides remote control and remote monitoring of your SyncBac PRO and HERO4™. For more details, see Did you know that you can monitor and control your SyncBac PRO and HERO4™ remotely, via a tablet or desktop PC or Mac? All you need is a Timecode Systems :pulse in your BLINK network and the free BLINK Hub application. .

    Your Timecode Revolution Starts Here...

  • SyncBac PRO Display and Controls

    SyncBac PRO Front Overview


    OLED Display

    The OLED display is a blue 128 × 32 pixels screen. When you switch on the SyncBac PRO, all status information, messages, and menus and options are shown on this screen.

    To learn about the various status displays, including the 'Main' screen shown above, see Main Screen.



    The LED to the right of the OLED display acts as a colour-coded status indicator.

    Colour Description

    If the SyncBac PRO is switched on and set to run as an RF slave, a green light indicates that the SyncBac PRO is communicating with a master device. Its clock is synchronised with the clock in a master device.

    If the SyncBac PRO is switched off, the green light indicates that the battery is fully charged.


    A blue light indicates that the SyncBac PRO has been synchronised with a master device but is currently 'free running'. It has lost its connection with the master and is using its own highly accurate internal clock. When the master is back in range, the SyncBac PRO will attempt to reconnect and re-synchronise.

    A flashing blue light means that the SyncBac PRO is in the process of synchronising with a master.


    If the SyncBac PRO is switched on, a red light indicates a warning message is displayed on screen or that the battery power is low.

    If you are unfamiliar with master and slave devices, you can learn more in the following sections:


    Up and Down

    Use the Up and Down buttons to scroll through the menus and menu options, and also to scroll through the status displays.


    Use the Select button to choose a menu or option. You will also use Select to switch your SyncBac PRO on and off.

    To make a selection, use the Up and Down buttons to scroll to a menu or option and then press the Select button once.

    To switch your SyncBac PRO on or off, press and hold the Select button (see To switch your SyncBac PRO on:, for more details).

  • SyncBac PRO Ports


    Your SyncBac PRO has a variety of ports for connecting with other devices and chargers.

    On the left edge of the SyncBac PRO, you will see the mini USB 2.0 port, which is used for:

    • Charging the SyncBac PRO (and HERO4™ when attached). The port is 5v power IN.
    • Connecting the SyncBac PRO to a PC or Mac for downloading firmware updates.

    The HEROBus connector that protrudes from the rear of the SyncBac PRO is for connecting the SyncBac PRO to the Go Pro HERO4™. It fits into the battery pack slot on the back of the HERO4™.


    On the right edge of the SyncBac PRO is an MMCX connector, which is for connecting an external aerial.

    By using an external aerial, you can increase the range of the SyncBac PRO (see  ).

  • Charging your SyncBac PRO

    SyncBac PRO has a built-in Li-Polymer 3.7V battery and it should last around 10-12 hours from a full charge.

    Note: Battery life may be reduced if your SyncBac PRO is used in extreme temperatures. Both very hot and very cold conditions can affect battery performance.

    If the battery in your SyncBac PRO is running out of power, the LED flashes red and the following message is displayed on screen:

    The low battery power is also indicated on the battery icon in the bottom-right of the main screen, next to the channel number. The amount of white in the inner of the battery icon represents the amount of charge left in the battery. In the image below, the inner of the battery icon is black, which means there is no charge in the battery.

    It is also shown on the battery status screen (see Main Screen).

    To recharge the battery, you will need the mini USB cable that is supplied with your SyncBac PRO and a mini USB compatible charger socket (not supplied). The mini USB cable connects to the SyncBac PRO via the mini USB port on the left-hand edge (see Ports).


    Note: You do not have to disconnect your SyncBac PRO from the HERO4™ when charging.


  • SyncBac PRO Specification


    Category Specification
    OLED Display Blue 128 × 32 Pixels
    Timecode Generator Accuracy TCX0 0.5ppm when free running. In practice, approximately 1 frame drift in 24 hours. Zero ppm when RF locked to a master.
    Supported FPS Modes




    External Power Mini USB (5V DC)
    Internal Power Built-in Li-Polymer (3.7V battery)
    T/C Input Provided via a GoPro Master SyncBac PRO or Timecode Systems :pulse base station.
    T/C Outputs

    HEROBus connector

    Embedded timecode metadata in MP4 camera media

    Multi-Channel Digital Receiver 865.050MHz to 923.200MHz

    If your SyncBac PRO is using its internal aerial only, the typical range for synchronisation with a master is approximately 200m (256 feet, 219 yards).

    If your SyncBac PRO has an external aerial attached, the typical range is 500-600m (1640-1968 feet, 546-656 yards).

    *Typical range. The range can vary.