• How can I mount my UltraSync ONE?

    While you can use superglue to stick Velcro to your unit, we have found that the following could prove useful: 


    1. Use an alcohol wipe across the back of the unit

    2. Heat up the back of the Velcro

    3. Place the Velcro on to the back of the unit when the glue has melted

    4. Let the glue set before using


    *Pouches for the UltraSync ONE will be available soon. 



  • Why does my Blackmagic Design URSA camera not see LTC from my :minitrx+ or UltraSync ONE?

    The URSA has a dual function LTC IN /GENLOCK port. Rather than being a standard high impedance LTC input, it is a 75ohm input instead because of the Genlock functionality. This means that the TCS LTC output may not have enough current to produce a high enough LTC signal for the 75ohm load camera input.

    There is a workaround however, simply use the SYNC output of the :minitrx+ or UltraSync ONE instead and select in the menu LTC out instead of Work Clock or Genlock. Select HIGH output level. The port is designed to drive a 75ohm load, so the LTC will be a healthy strong level.