• Troubleshooting - UltraSync ONE


    If you are having difficulty setting up your UltraSync ONE, the following troubleshooting sections may help:


    If you are experiencing problems that are not covered here, please visit https://support.timecodesystems.com for up-to-date FAQs and manuals.

  • UltraSync ONE Slave not Connecting to Master

    UltraSync ONE Slave not Connecting to Master

    If your UltraSync ONE is not receiving timecode from a master device, it could be due to:

    • The master device being switched off. Make sure the master device is on and has sufficient battery power.
    • UltraSync ONE is set to Master TX mode. The UltraSync ONE can only connect with a master device if the UltraSync ONE is running in RF Slave mode. For more information, see Networks and Modes).
    • The master is out of range. The UltraSync ONE will use its own timecode settings until a master is back in range. An UltraSync ONE that is using its own timecode settings is described as 'free running'.
    • The UltraSync ONE is not set to use the same RF Channel as the master. UltraSync ONE slave - master communications can only take place between devices that are in the same RF network. For more information, see Set the RF Channel.
    • The UltraSync ONE and/or the master are not set to the correct country/area. You need to set the UltraSync ONE and master to the country/area in which they are being used (see Set the RF Country/Area).
  • UltraSync ONE is Connecting to Wrong Master

    UltraSync ONE Slave is Connecting to the Wrong Master

    If your UltraSync ONE is running in slave mode and connects to the wrong master device, it is likely that there are multiple masters in the same RF network. An RF network should only have one master device (one master using the specific RF channel for the network. For details, see Master TX UltraSync ONE - Set Up).

  • UltraSync ONE is not Responding to Select Button

    UltraSync ONE not Responding to Select button

    In the unlikely event that your UltraSync ONE does not display the menu when you press the Select button, try a Reset.

  • Battery is not Charging - UltraSync ONE

    UltraSync ONE Battery not Charging

    If the UltraSync ONE battery is not re-charging when you use a USB-C charger:

    1. Switch your UltraSync ONE off (see Switch UltraSync ONE On and Off).
    2. Check that the USB-C port on the UltraSync ONE is clear. USB-C ports can get clogged with lint from pockets or dirt and dust from the environment.
    3. Try using a different charger.
    4. Try using a different cable.

    If the problem persists, contact Timecode Systems for advice.

  • Restore Factory Settings - UltraSync ONE

    Restore Factory Settings

    You can reset your UltraSync ONE to its original state by selecting Set Factory Defaults. This can be useful if you want to start with a completely fresh UltraSync ONE, for example, when moving the UltraSync ONE into another network.

    Note: If you want to reset the UltraSync ONE without losing the existing settings, see Reset.

    To restore the factory settings of your UltraSync ONE:

    1. Make sure your UltraSync ONE is switched on (see Switch UltraSync ONE On and Off).

    2. Press the Select button.
    3. Use the Up and Down buttons to scroll to the System Settings option.

    4. Press the Select button.
    5. Use the Up and Down buttons to scroll to Set Factory Defaults.
    6. Press the Select button. The UltraSync ONE is reset to have all the default settings in place and the main screen is displayed.


  • Reset your UltraSync ONE


    In the highly unlikely event that your UltraSync ONE becomes unresponsive and you cannot access the menus, you should try a reset:

    1. Press and hold both the Up and the Down buttons at the same time. Do not worry if the screen flickers a little as you hold the buttons down - this is normal.
    2. Keep the Up and Down buttons pressed down until the UltraSync ONE appears to switch off.
    3. Release the Up and Down buttons. The UltraSync ONE restarts.

    When the UltraSync ONE restarts, it still has all of the settings that were in place before you reset it. If it is still unresponsive, try performing a factory reset. A factory reset will restore your UltraSync ONE's original settings so any existing settings will be lost (see Restore Factory Settings).

  • FAQs - UltraSync ONE


    In this section, you can find some of the most frequently asked questions about UltraSync ONE, and our answers to these problems. If you have a question, you may find that the answer is right here. If your question is not covered, please contact Timecode Systems for assistance.


    Can UltraSync ONE be used as a Master Unit?

    Yes. UltraSync ONE is a timecode over RF transceiver, and so can be set as either a master transmitting unit or a slave receiving unit in an RF network. It cannot be used as a master in a BLINK network.


    Can a Master Device use Drop-Frame Timecode?

    Yes. The UltraSync ONE can use drop frame and standard frame rates.


    How Long Does it Take for UltraSync ONE to Re-Sync?

    If your UltraSync ONE moves out of range of the master, it will no longer be synchronising with the master. It will re-synchronise with the master when it is back in range of the master, but the amount of time the re-sync takes can vary:

    UltraSync ONE Out of Range for Approx. Time to Resync
    Less than 10 seconds Almost instantaneous
    More than 10 seconds Several seconds

    Note: If there are other masters in range, the re-synchronisation may take considerably longer. This applies even if the other masters use different RF channels.