• Which GoPro cameras is the SyncBac PRO compatible with?

    The SyncBac PRO for HERO4 is compatible with GoPro HERO4 Black and Silver cameras.

    The SyncBac PRO for HERO6/7Black is compatible with GoPro HERO6 and HERO7 Black cameras.

    For more information visit https://www.timecodesystems.com/syncbac-pro/


  • Is the SyncBac PRO compatible with the new GoPro HERO8?

    Unfortunately, due to offsets in the timecode processing of the HERO8 we are not able to offer the same highly accurate timecode solution for the HERO8 as we are for other models of GoPro with the SyncBac PRO for HERO6/7 Black. This lies within the HERO8's firmware, and full implementation of a solution would require firmware updates from both us and GoPro - which are as yet unconfirmed.

    Providing accurate and dependable timecode solutions for our users remains our priority, and as we can not guarantee that accuracy with the HERO8, we have made the decision to not offer HERO8 support to avoid workflow inconsistencies for our users. 



  • Can the SyncBac PRO be used as a master unit?

    The SyncBac PRO, like all of our devices, is a timecode over RF transceiver, and so can be set as either a master transmitting unit or a slave receiving unit. If you are in a GoPro only workflow you can use one SyncBac PRO as the master unit and set all of the others to receive mode. However if you are in a multi camera/sound workflow you would need to use the :pulse as the master unit as it is our mini base station. It also allows you to connect either wirelessly or over Ethernet to our BLINK Hub app so that you can monitor all devices in the network and also take advantage of the camera control features for the GoPros.

  • Do I need a SyncBac PRO on each GoPro?

    Yes, in order to ensure that all devices in your workflow stay perfectly in sync you would need to attach one of our devices to each of your cameras/sound recorders on set. All of our devices are compatible with one another, so just pick one as the master (transmitter) and set the others as slaves (receivers).

  • Can the SyncBac PRO be used to genlock the GoPro cameras?

    The SyncBac PRO is a timecode solution for GoPro HERO4, HERO6 and HERO7 Black cameras, which embeds the timecode as metadata into the mp4 file. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer genlock/sensor sync as the GoPro cameras do not have the architecture to support external genlock in. 

  • Does the SyncBac PRO record timecode on to the audio track?

    No – the SyncBac PRO is not a work around. It is a full timecode solution for GoPro. With a SyncBac PRO attached, timecode is generated at source and stamped directly onto the camera’s media file. At the end of a shoot, the camera’s SD card contains a single MP4 file with embedded, frame-accurate timecode that can be uploaded directly into AVID Media Composer, Apple Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere PRO.

  • Does the SyncBac PRO affect the GoPro's battery life?

    The SyncBac PRO has its own 12 hour internal battery and so will not drain the GoPro’s power. This also means that it cannot be used to power the GoPro. However if you connect the SyncBac PRO to a power source while they are connected, they will charge simultaneously (Hero 4 and HERO7 Black only). Learn more about this here.



    Using the SyncBac PRO with the BLINK Hub app can also be used to help conserve the GoPro’s battery life. When using a :pulse as the master unit you can use the BLINK Hub app to turn the GoPro’s on and off when they are connected with a SyncBac PRO - meaning you can save power when they're not in use

  • Can the SyncBac PRO be used to power the GoPro camera?

    The SyncBac PRO for HERO4 and the SyncBac PRO for HERO6/7 Black can be used to pass power through to the HERO4 Black or Silver and HERO7 Black cameras respectively, when the SyncBac PRO is connected to an external power source.

    If you are considering using the power through option running on the mains supply, we would advise using on of GoPro's recommended chargers.

    If you would prefer to use a power bank, you can view our recommendations here

    Unfortunately, this is not an option for the HERO6 cameras, due to instability in the GoPro firmware when external power is connected. To avoid potential hardware crashes, we made the decision to remove this feature when the SyncBac PRO for HERO6/7 Black is connected to a HERO6 camera. All other functionality remains the same.

  • Can I remove the internal battery from my GoPro camera?

    Although the Syncbac PRO can be used to pass power through to the GoPro HERO4 and GoPro HERO7 Black*, when the SyncBac PRO is connected to an external power source, the GoPro's internal battery must remain in place.

    In order for the Syncbac PRO to work reliably with the GoPro camera, the communications element of the GoPros subsystem requires constant power, which is dependent on the internal battery.

    Removing the internal battery will prevent the SyncBac PRO from communicating effectively with the cameras' media files. 

    * Due to limitations in the GoPro HERO6 firmware, this feature is not enabled for this camera model. More information available here.

  • Which USB power banks/mains adapters are best to power my SyncBac PRO and HERO7 Black camera?

    The SyncBac PRO can be used to pass external power through to the GoPro HERO7 Black camera. Power plugged into the SyncBac PRO’s mini-USB socket is routed through into the GoPro HERO7 Black’s USB C port, via the supplied USB-C link lead.

    The GoPro HERO7 Black is very sensitive to power fluctuations from any supplied 5V USB power source, which can result in an unstable camera system. It is therefore absolutely crucial that a high-quality solution is used to prevent power dips and camera crashes, which may result in lost footage.

    If you are considering using the power through option running on the mains supply, please refer to GoPro's recommended chargers.

    If you prefer to use a battery power bank, please ensure that your battery unit is of high quality and use very short, high quality cables. Ideally 0.5m or less and quality ‘thick’ leads, normally described as ‘high speed’ - the standard GoPro 0.5m USB-A to mini-USB cable is excellent. Minimising voltage drop (loss) in the cable and ensuring that the power supply can cope with the peaky current demands of the GoPro HERO7 Black in operation will reduce the risk of system failures.

    We have tested and recommend the RavPower RP-PB41 battery power bank, due to its higher voltage output and stable delivery of voltage. Our customers have achieved very good results with this RavPower RP-PB41 power bank used alongside the the GoPro branded 0.5m USB leads.

    Lower quality power banks and longer cables are useful for re-charging purposes ONLY, when the camera is not recording.

  • Why isn't my GoPro HERO6 receiving timecode?

    In order to recognise timecode the GoPro HERO6 camera must be running v01.60 onwards. Please ensure you update your camera software to the most recent version. You can find this here.

  • Why can't I power on/off my GoPro HERO6 when using the BLINK Hub app?


    For the initial release version of SyncBac PRO for GoPro HERO6 the remote power on and power off camera control function has been disabled on the BLINK Hub app due to GoPro HERO6 firmware currently not supporting this feature.

    This will be fixed in the camera’s next firmware update and we will then enable this feature on BLINK Hub. Other control functions including start/stop record and updating camera settings will be available in the launch release.

  • How do I update my GoPro to the latest firmware version?

    To ensure your GoPro camera can receive timecode from the SyncBac PRO, you will need to update your units to the latest version. The SyncBac PRO will only work with GoPro cameras on the following firmware versions:

    • GoPro HERO4: version 4 onwards
    • GoPro HERO5: no compatibility
    • GoPro HERO6: version 1.60 onwards
    • GoPro HERO7 Black: release version onwards  

    You can find more information on updating your GoPro camera here.





  • Can I still use the WiFi features on my GoPro?

    They SyncBac PRO does not affect any of the existing functionality of the GoPro – so you can continue to use it as you always have, but with added timecode.

  • Will using the SyncBac PRO affect how I mount my GoPro?

    The SyncBac PRO for GoPro HERO4 is the same size as all standard GoPro HERO4 BacPac Accessories and so is fully compatible with HERO4 standard BacPac backdoor housings.

    The SyncBac PRO for GoPro HERO6/7 Black is supplied with a frame housing, which attaches to the GoPro HERO6/7 Black camera mount.

  • Is the SyncBac PRO waterproof?

    Unfortunately neither the SyncBac PRO for HERO4 nor the SyncBac PRO for HERO6/7 Black are waterproof.

    They SyncBac PRO for HERO4 is the same size as all standard GoPro HERO4 BacPac accessories, and so will fit inside a waterproof housing with a waterproof backdoor attached. 

    Please be aware, that the SyncBac PRO for HERO6/7Black connects to the GoPro camera using the USB-C port, meaning that the camera itself is not fully waterproof when connected, as both the USB-C and HDMI ports will be exposed.

  • What accessories come in the box?

    The SyncBac PRO for HERO4 is supplied with a mini USB charging cable.

    The Syncbac PRO for HERO6/7 Black is supplied with a USB-C data cable (to connect to the camera) and a housing to mount the solution. There is also a USB-C charging cable included.