• The dial won't function on my :wave unit, what can I do?

    If the main dial is unresponsive and does not allow you to alter the settings on your unit, there could be an issue with the dial itself. 

    First of all, try taking the plastic cap off the dial and continue to use the unit without it. 

    If this is method is unsuccessful, your unit would need to be assessed and potentially repaired by Timecode Systems. Please contact our support team: support@timecodesystems.com to submit a ticket. 




  • How will my :wave appear in my device's Wifi settings?

    The SSID to identify your pulse on the network can be found on the display of the unit, by scrolling through the display screens. Please ensure that Wifi is enabled in the options menu, and that Ethernet is disabled.

    Turn the knob until you see find a screen displaying the following information:
    Wifi: Soft AP
    Status: Ready
    ID Wave083

    The ID 'Wave083' will be listed on your devices' detected Wifi networks. Please select this network in order to gain access to the BLINK Hub.

    If you are accessing the BLINK Hub via a browser, rather than the app, you will need to enter the IP address in to your browser. Learn more about that here.


  • What cable do I need – TCB-40 or TCB-41?

    We have two custom interface cables available to connect your :wave or :pulse to your Sound Devices.

    To connect directly from LEMO 9 pin port of the :wave into the USB-B port of your 6-series you will need the TCB-40. If however you are using the CL-12 and so the USB-B port is already in use you can instead use the TCB-41 – which connects from the LEMO 9 pin port on the :wave to the USB-A keyboard port on the CL-12.

  • Does the Sound Devices integration work with the 788t?

    Currently the integration between Sound Devices and the :wave/:pulse only works with the 6 series, as we have not have access to the protocols for the 788t. If and when we gain access to these protocols, we will of course look into adding integration for the 788t.