How do I update the Denecke TS-TCB Slate over WiFi?

The Denecke TS-TCB Slate can be updated using WiFi, by following these steps:

1. Ensure that the WiFi of the Slate is turned on in the menu settings (WiFi Menu > WiFi On/Off) and that it is set to Soft AP mode (WifiMenu > WiFi Net Type > WiFi: Soft-AP):


2. Connect your device (laptop/Mac/tablet/phone) to the WiFi of the Slate. It will appear as Slate XXX on the list:


3. Once connected to the WiFi, type the IP address of the Slate in to the address bar of your device's browser. The IP address will be 192.167.XXX.1. (the XX represents your Slate's ID) and can be found on the Slate screen just after the page SSID:SlateXXX. For example SSID: Slate025 =


4. The web browser will launch the following configuration page, and ask you to select the network you wish to join for internet access.


5. You may be prompted to enter the password for the network. Please pay attention to upper and lower-case, as the password may be case sensitive.


6. The webpage will now show that the network type is changing:


7. The Slate will now show that it is in Network mode in the WiFi settings - WiFi: Network:


8. The Slate will show that it is trying to connect to the new network:


9. The Slate will momentarily display 'Connected' and will then display the new IP address issued by the network. For example 



10. Open the 'Settings' menu on the Slate, and select 'Update Check':


11. If updates are required the Slate will show a progress bar, with advancing ** symbols, as they are installed, and then display 'All up to date' once updates are complete. If no updates are required, it will also display 'All up to date':


12. Restore the Slate back to Soft-AP mode (as per step one) to resume normal operation.

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