How do I connect my UltraSync BLUE with my iMac / Macbook using the Softron software?


 Bluetooth with UltraSync BLUE 



You can pair MovieRecorder with your UltraSync BLUE so it can retrieve the timecode.

  • First select "TCS UltraSync BLUE (Bluetooth)" as your timecode source.
  • Click on "Apply" (the "Pair" button will remain greyed out if you don't).
  • Click on "Pair".
  • Enter pairing mode on your UltraSync BLUE:
    • Press the big button.
    • Go to the menu "Bluetooth Pair".
    • Wait until the name of the Softron application shows up ("MovieRec" for MovieRecorder).
    • Press the big button.
    • Use the top small button to select "Confirm Above".
    • Press the big button.
    • That's it! If successfully paired, MovieRecorder should show something like this (with the name of the device it is connected to, and the fps):MR4.1_TCS_Blue.png



  1. The FPS information will take a few seconds to update (it will show 29.97 by default).
  2. Once paired and connected, it may take a few seconds to retrieve the TC. During that moment it will show as "Connected", but the TC in the viewers will show: "--:--:--:--".
  3. Also every time your Softron application will start it will take a few seconds before it can have an accurate TC. Until then it will also show "--:--:--:--". You should not start recording before the timecode is properly received (or your files will start at the 00:00:00:00).


Strength of the Bluetooth signal

On your UltraSync BLUE, you should also see an icon showing that it is connected. The number on there shows the strength of the signal. (7 is the strongest, 1 the weakest).



To unpair, simply click on "Unpair".



The Bluetooth device may show as "Disconnected" if:

  1. The device is too far (distance can vary depending on the place where you are).
  2. The device is powered off.
  3. You have "cleared the table" on the Bluetooth device (see below).



Clear the pairing table of the UltraSync BLUE

The UltraSync BLUE can be paired to a maximum of 4 other devices at the same time. Once you have reached that number, it will show "Pair Table Full" on the device. You will then have to clear the table to be able to pair again to the device.

This means that:

  • If other applications were connected to the device they will be disconnected.
  • As there isn't any communication from the device indicating that it was cleared from the table, you will only see that it is disconnected. You will then need to unpair the UltraSync BLUE and pair it again.


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