How to set up the UltraSync BLUE with Apogee's MetaRecorder iOS app



  • Download the Apogee MetaRecorder app from the App Store for iPhone and iPad.
  • To add support for the UltraSync BLUE the 'timecode upgrade' is required. This is an in-app purchase of $2.99.
  • Launch MetaRecorder and select the settings tab.
  • Select Enable Bluetooth Timecode. 
  • Select Pair.
  • On your UltraSync BLUE select Bluetooth Pair from the main menu.
  • UltraSync_bluetooth_pair.png
  • The UltraSync BLUE will now search for compatible Bluetooth® devices.
  • UltraSync_bluetooth.png
  • Once your device has been detected press the select button on the UltraSync BLUE and then confirm above.
  • The app will display the name and frame rate of the paired UltraSync BLUE.
  • Rec/Play tab, the timecode on the UltraSync BLUE will now match the timecode on MetaRecorder and will show as blue in colour.
  • You are now ready to record; select record to start recording. 
  • To export your recorded files select the scenes tab. 
  • Press select on the top right, select the scene you wish to export and press on the upload icon.
  • You can now select how you want to export your recording.


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