Set the Frame Rate - UltraSync BLUE

If you are using your UltraSync BLUE for professional broadcasting, you need to set its frame rate to match the frame rate of your recording equipment. But if you are using your UltraSync BLUE for online content, such as a vlog, you can use the default frame rate (or choose a higher frame rate for a smoother image). Movies and other cinematic productions are usually filmed at 24 frames per second.

UltraSync BLUE supports these frame rates:

Frame rate per second Standard Used in
25, 23.98, 24.00 PAL UK, EU, most other countries
29.97, 29.97 dropframe, 30.00, 30.00 dropframe NTSC USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan

To set the frame rate:

  1. Make sure your UltraSync BLUE is switched on (see Switch UltraSync BLUE On and Off on page 1).

  2. Press the Select button.
  3. Choose the Timecode option and press Select.

  4. Choose the Frame Rate option and press Select.
  5. Use the Up and Down buttons to choose a frame rate and press Select.
  6. Choose the Confirm option and press Select (or choose Back to return to the previous screen).

Note: If your UltraSync BLUE is running in RF slave mode, it will receive and use the frame rate settings from the master device in the network. You don't need to set the frame rate on a slave.

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