Switch On or Off - UltraSync BLUE

UltraSync BLUE uses a two-step approach for turning on and off. This helps to prevent you from accidentally turning the UltraSync BLUE on or off during recording - you have to choose to power it on or off and then confirm your choice.

  1. Press the Select button.


    The UltraSync BLUE screen lights up. If it does not light up, the UltraSync BLUE has no power and needs to be charged (see Charging your UltraSync BLUE).

    If your UltraSync BLUE is on and the battery charge is running low, the LED light turns red.

    If the UltraSync BLUE is currently on, the Main Menu appears (you can ignore the remaining steps).

    If the UltraSync BLUE is currently off, the Power menu appears (continue from step 2).

  2. Press the down button to scroll down to the Power option, and then press the Select button.


  3. Press the up or down to scroll to the option you need:
    • Run - To turn the UltraSync BLUE on.
    • Shut-Down - To turn the UltraSync BLUE off.
    • Factory Reset - To return all of the settings to their default values.
    • Back - to return to the main menu.
  4. Press the Select button.
  5. Choose the Confirm option and press Select (or choose Back to return to the previous screen).

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