Key Lock - UltraSync BLUE

You can lock the UltraSync BLUE's menus so that most of the options are unavailable until the menu is first unlocked. Locking the menus can be useful when you have set up your UltraSync BLUE and want to lock it so that other people cannot change the settings without first unlocking it.

Note: Key lock is on by default.

To use key lock:

  1. Make sure your UltraSync BLUE is switched on (see Switch UltraSync BLUE On and Off on page 1).

  2. Press the Select button to display the main menu.


  3. Press the Up button to scroll to the Key Lock/Unlock menu (it is above Timecode in the Main Menu).


  4. Press the Select button.
  5. Choose a key lock option and press Select.
    Option Description
    Lock Menus Now Lock the menus instantly. Only the Key Lock/Unlock menu will be available to use.
    Unlock Menus Release the lock so that all menus are made available again. This option is only shown if the UltraSync BLUE is currently locked.
    Timed Lock Lock the menus after a delay.
    Never Lock Do not lock the menus.
  6. Choose the Confirm option and press Select (or choose Back to return to the previous screen).

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