Set the Timecode - UltraSync BLUE

If you're using your UltraSync BLUE in Int Master RF TX mode or Free Run mode, you need to enter its timecode settings. The UltraSync BLUE will use the timecode settings that you provide, and will send the timecode to your recording device via Bluetooth®.

If your UltraSync BLUE is a master, it will also send the timecode to other Timecode Systems devices via radio, so that they can all synchronise.

Note: Using an UltraSync BLUE in RF Slave mode? You don't need to enter the timecode settings as your slave UltraSync BLUE will synchronise with the master device as soon as the master is in range.

To enter the timecode settings:

  1. Make sure your UltraSync BLUE is switched on (see Switch UltraSync BLUE On and Off on page 1).

  2. Press the Select button to display the main menu.


  3. Choose the Timecode option and press Select.
  4. Choose the Set Timecode option and press Select.


  5. Enter the time you want the UltraSync BLUE to use. The first two digits are selected automatically and you can use Up and Down to change them. Press Select to move to the next pair of digits and use Up and Down to change those. Repeat until you have set all of the digits.
  6. Press the Select button.

  7. Choose the Confirm option and press Select (or choose Back to return to the previous screen).

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