Pair with Recording Devices

To get your UltraSync BLUE to send timecode to your recording device(s), you need to pair them via Bluetooth®.


UltraSync BLUE can pair with up to six recording devices at the same time*.

Note: If you use a Timecode Systems :pulse as a master, you can use BLINK Hub to control and monitor your UltraSync BLUEs and their recording devices remotely. For remote control you will need to have one UltraSync BLUE for each recording device.

To pair your UltraSync BLUE with a recording device, such as an iPhone:

  1. On your recording device, enable and pairing mode. The configuration settings required vary for different devices, for example, for IOS devices, you will need to install the Mavis video app.
    Please visit for specific instructions on setting up your device.
  2. Make sure your UltraSync BLUE is switched on (see Switch UltraSync BLUE On and Off).

  3. Press the Select button to display the main menu.

  4. Choose Bluetooth Pair and press Select.

    The Wait to Pair line changes to <Searching> as the UltraSync BLUE searches for other Bluetooth devices in range. When it detects your recording device, it will pair with it.



UltraSync BLUE not Pairing?

If your recording device is within range and the UltraSync BLUE cannot pair with it, make sure that you have enabled Bluetooth on your device. If it is already enabled, try disabling Bluetooth and then re-enabling it. If the UltraSync BLUE is still unable to pair, select the Bluetooth Pair menu and choose Clear Table, and then Confirm. This clears the UltraSync BLUE's memory of previous pairings.

If you are still unable to pair the UltraSync BLUE with your recording device, contact Timecode Systems for advice.

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