Wifi Master firmware change logs


Version Available
Firmware notes
TCB4b v5.30 08/11/2013 Key Lock feature added.
14 Japan RF channels added.
Auto power on when external power removed and re-applied (if unit was not intentionally turned off)
WiFi Infrastructure mode automatic logon to an SSID of: TCBnet with a WPA2 Passphrase of: buddy123.
More solid connection routines for connecting to WiFi routers for updating Firmware or Infrastructure use of multiple wifi master’s on the same network.
WiFi menu mode to output T/C on UDP port 4200 for Softron MovieRecorder (Mac OS X).
General bug fixes.
TCB4b v5.10 11/01/2013 Fixed bug with WiFi T/C sync output to iOS devices when on 23.98 and 29.97 FPS settings. Previously the visual T/C sync on the iOS device slowly slipped when on non-integer FPS settings.
Improved auto sensing of incoming FPS setting on BNC/LEMO input.
TCB4b v5.07(update) 06/12/2012 Same program version number but with 1)Updated HTML Buddy:webview config pages to reduce polling on wifi master. 2) Updated FPGA to correct DROP FRAME bug with LTC output. On previous release the LTC output was DF, but the DF flag was not set. This meant that receiving devices thought the T/C was Non Drop.
TCB4b v5.07 16/10/2012 New SWITCH ON procedure to stop accidental turn on in a kit bag/mixer bag. New SWITCH OFF procedure to stop accidental turn off by a camerman leaning on the knob when working handheld. New option within RF SETTINGS menu to disable incoming RX User Bits – this allows separate TCB’s to have unique User Bits whilst in RF receive mode.
V5.06 13/08/2012 New WiFi connection routines for more reliable connection in &#39Infrastructure&#39 mode. This should address some issues when trying to update the wifi master from an internet connection.
v5.05 26/06/2012 Show firmware and serial number in information screen. Change ‘UK’ channel to ‘CE’. Change ‘US’ channel to ‘FC’. Increase timer countdown for switch off. Remove 1080i Double Frame rate from menu option (not a valid standard). Add information to 1080i Sync Type that this is also for PSF. Reduce the amount per second that the webpages ‘poll’ the TCB uP. This was causing the TCB to freeze occasionaly.
v5.04 21/05/2012 Latest version with Dual Load TV Sync menu option (for T-piece to two cameras). Modified TC Sync waveform to work with RED cameras.
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