Mini rx firmware change logs


Firmware notes
V1.21  29/05/2015  Added EXT LTC (cont) mode. Screen refresh when scrolling through menu, to address occasional blank screen issue. *NEEDS FPGA UPDATE ALSO*
V1.18  27/05/2014  Important Bug Fix:Tixes TC and GENLOCK bug when in marginal RF signal strength
V1.15  22/11/2013  Bug fix: Enhanced battery charging status menu. Fast response lock for REC RUN receive timecode, when the unit is powered externally.Halo red LED flashes if any sync errors.Key Lock feature added.


Version     Available     FPGA code notes
V1.11  29/05/2015 Update required to accompany FW Update v 1.21
FPGA v1.05 22/11/2013 Release version. :mini rx and :mini trx products
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