Mini TRX + firmware change logs


The latest firmware version is: 4.29

The latest FPGA version is: 2.05

The latest version of Firmware and FPGA are both required.

Firmware notes
V4.29 05/07/2018

Fixed a bug which was preventing the serial number from being displayed on the unit’s information screen

Optimisation of RF to improve communication with a master unit

V4.28 17/04/2018 Important fix which corrected and issue between the LTC and Genlock phase of LTC and SYNC outputs , plus other minor fixes.
V4.27 14/06/2017 Fixes issues causing units to freeze during updating.
V4.26 16/05/2017 Minor bug fixes.
V4.24 21/04/2017 Minor bug fixes.
V2.05 17/04/2018 Fix to correct LTC and Genlock phase
V2.03 02/10/2018 Wordclock level fix
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