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In this section, you can find some of the most frequently asked questions about SyncBac PRO, and our answers to these problems. If you have a question, you may find that the answer is right here. If your question is not covered, please contact Timecode Systems for assistance.


Can you Genlock the GoPros?

The SyncBac PRO is a timecode solution for GoPro HERO cameras, and it embeds the timecode as metadata into the mp4 file. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer genlock/sensor sync as HERO cameras do not have the architecture to support an external genlock.


Is the SyncBac PRO the Right Solution for my VR Rig?

It depends on your requirements. SyncBac PRO is a timecode-only solution and does not provide genlock or sensor synchronisation.

Using SyncBac PRO for timecode synchronisation does have advantages over using visual/audible markers. With SyncBac PRO, you simply attach a SyncBac PRO to each GoPro HERO in the rig and then begin filming. You then create a multi clip using timecode for the synchronisation in your NLE and trim off the front of the recording, before putting it through your stitching software.

If you use SyncBac PROs with a :pulse master, you also have the option of remote control for start/stop recording and switching the GoPro HERO cameras on/off. Remote control can be very useful when your cameras are set up in a rig.

The remote control features are provided by our free BLINK Hub app.


Can SyncBac PRO be used as a Master Unit?

Yes. SyncBac PRO, like all of our devices, is a timecode over RF transceiver, and so can be set as either a master transmitting unit or a slave receiving unit. If you are only using GoPro HERO  cameras in your workflow, you can use one SyncBac PRO as the master unit and set all of the other SyncBac PROs to run as receivers (slaves).

However, if you are in a multi camera/sound workflow you need to use the :pulse as the master unit as it is our mini base station. With :pulse, you have access to our BLINK Hub app, which allows you to monitor your devices remotely. BLINK Hub also provides remote control features for GoPro HERO cameras.


Can a Master Device use Drop-Frame Timecode?

No. The master device has to run non-drop-frame timecode to work with SyncBac PRO.


Do I Need a SyncBac PRO on Each GoPro?/Do I need a TCS Unit on Each Device?

To make sure that all devices in your workflow stay synchronised, you need to attach one of our devices to each of your cameras/sound recorders on set. All of our devices are compatible with one another, so just pick one as the master and set the others as slaves (receivers).


How Long Does it Take for SyncBac PRO to Re-Sync?

If your SyncBac PRO moves out of range of the master, it will no longer be synchronising with the master. It will re-synchronise with the master when it is back in range of the master, but the amount of time the re-sync takes can vary:

SyncBac PRO Out of Range for Approx. Time to Resync
Less than 10 seconds Almost instantaneous
More than 10 seconds Several seconds

Note: If there are other masters in range, the re-synchronisation may take considerably longer. This applies even if the other masters use different RF channels.


Does SyncBac PRO Record Timecode on the Audio Track?

No – the SyncBac PRO is not a work-around. It is a full timecode solution for GoPro. With a SyncBac PRO attached, timecode is generated at source and stamped directly onto the camera’s media file. At the end of a shoot, the camera’s SD card contains a single MP4 file with embedded, frame-accurate timecode. You can upload the MP4 directly into AVID Media Composer, Apple Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere PRO.


Will using SyncBac PROs Affect How I Mount my GoPros?

The SyncBac PRO is designed to fit to the rear of the GoPro HERO and so should not interfere with mounting the camera.

With the SyncBac PRO for HERO6 model, the USB-C to USB-C cable can be attached so that the ribbon faces upwards or downwards, so you can fit it in the most appropriate way for your setup.


Does using SyncBac PRO Affect the GoPro HERO6™ Black Battery Life?

The SyncBac PRO has its own 12 hour internal battery and so will not drain the GoPro HERO camera's power. Although the SyncBac PRO cannot be used to power the camera, if you connect the SyncBac PRO to a power source while attached to a GoPro HERO, both units will charge simultaneously. (SyncBac Pro for Hero 4 only)

SyncBac PRO can help to conserve the GoPro’s battery life. If you use a :pulse as the master unit, you can use the BLINK Hub app to toggle your GoPro HERO cameras on and off from your smartphone or tablet. (The GoPro HERO cameras can only be turned on and off and controlled remotely if they are connected to SyncBac PROs).

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