SyncBac PRO Slave Not Detecting GoPro HERO Camera

If you have a SyncBac PRO set to run as a slave, it needs to synchronise with a master device before it can be used with a GoPro HERO camera. This is because when you set a SyncBac PRO to run as a slave, it expects to get its timecode from a master device at least once.

  1. Display the main status screen on your SyncBac PRO (see Main Screen).
  2. Use the Up and Down buttons to scroll to the GoPro status screen.
  3. Look at the Status and Link entries. If the Status is Not Ready and Link is Wait RF Lock, it means that the SyncBac PRO slave has not synchronised with a master (it is waiting for an RF lock with a master, which is when the timecode is set).

To resolve this issue, make sure the SyncBac PRO slave uses the correct channel for the RF network and is in range of the master device. You will also need to make sure the master device is set up correctly and connected to the network.

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