SyncBac PRO Not Connecting to Master

If your SyncBac PRO is not receiving timecode from a master device, it could be due to:

  • The master device being switched off. Make sure the master device is on and has sufficient battery power.
  • SyncBac PRO is set to GP Master TX mode. The SyncBac PRO can only connect with a master device if the SyncBac PRO is running in RF Slave mode. For more information, see Set the Timecode Mode and Master and Slave Relationship.
  • The master is out of range. The SyncBac PRO will use its own timecode until the master is back in range. If you are only using the internal aerial, you could increase the range by attaching an external aerial - contact Timecode Systems for advice.
  • The SyncBac PRO is not set to use the same RF Channel as the master. SyncBac PRO slave - master communications can only take place between devices that are in the same network (are set to use the same RF Channel). For more information, see Set the RF Channel.
  • The SyncBac PRO and/or the master are not set to the correct country/area. You need to set the SyncBac PRO and master to the country/area in which they are being used (see Set the RF Country/Area).
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