Synchronisation Status - SyncBac PRO

When you add or change devices in a network, you should check that they are synchronising correctly and using the correct frame-per-second settings. An easy way to do this is to look at the Synchronisation Status screen.

  1. Display the Main Screen.

  2. Use the Up and Down buttons to scroll to the screen that shows TCR or TCG at the top.
    Status Description
    TCR or TCG

    TCR (timecode receiving) is shown if your SyncBac PRO is a slave. The timecode shown is the time that your SyncBac PRO is using, and this was received from the master device.

    TCG (timecode generated) is shown if your SyncBac PRO is a master. The timecode shown is the time of your SyncBac PRO's internal clock. This setting is used by your SyncBac PRO and is also sent to the slave SyncBac PROs in the network.

    For more details, see Master and Slave Relationship.


    The frames-per-second setting that is currently used by your SyncBac PRO. The first part of the value shows the actual FPS and the =GoPro part shows the equivalent setting in the GoPro HERO camera. The SyncBac PRO and GoPro camera need to have compatible FPS settings, so if your SyncBac PRO is set to 23.98 =GoPro:24, your GoPro camera should be set to 24 FPS.

    For more details, see Set the Frame Rate Per Second for the Master.


    This status is only shown if your SyncBac PRO is running in RF Slave mode. It shows one of two possible values:

    • The 'friendly' name of a :pulse master. This is a user-defined name, and should make it easy for you to identify which :pulse is the master. The default 'friendly' name is Unit 1.
    • UnConnected. This means the SyncBac PRO is only receiving timecode data. You will see this when the SyncBac PRO is a slave to a SyncBac PRO master or a :wave master.

Note: If you can see a 'friendly' master name and the LED is flashing blue, it means that your SyncBac PRO has lost its connection with the :pulse master. This could be due to the master being out of range or having no power.

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