GoPro Status - SyncBac PRO

GoPro Status

You can use your SyncBac PRO to view the status of a GoPro HERO (the HERO needs to be connected to the SyncBac PRO).

  1. Display the Main Screen.

  2. Use the Up and Down buttons to scroll to the screen that shows GoPro at the top.


    The Status shows what the GoPro is currently doing - Standby means it is connected but is not being used, Recording means it is filming, and Not Ready means the GoPro is disconnected or off.

    The Link shows whether the GoPro is connected to the SyncBac PRO and turned on. Wait Cam On means the SyncBac PRO is either not connected to a GoPro, or the GoPro is turned off. Ready means the GoPro is connected, has power, and is synchronised. After the Ready value, you should see a sequence of one dot followed by two dots. This sequence shows that the SyncBac PRO is communicating with the GoPro HERO camera.

    The Battery status shows the amount of power remaining in the GoPro HERO's battery (as a percentage of its maximum charge).


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