Set the Timecode Mode - SyncBac PRO

SyncBac PRO has two different Timecode modes: RF Slave and GP Master TX. These modes define how your SyncBac PRO's timecode is synchronised with other devices, and so it is important that you choose the appropriate setting.

Note: If you are unfamiliar with the concept of master and slave devices, please read Master and Slave Relationship.

To set the Timecode Mode:

  1. Connect your SyncBac PRO to your GoPro HERO. For details, see Connect SyncBac PRO to a GoPro HERO4 or Connect SyncBac PRO to a GoPro HERO6.
  1. Switch on your SyncBac PRO (see Switch SyncBac PRO On and Off).

  2. Press the Select button.

  3. Use the Up and Down buttons to scroll to the Timecode Mode option.
  4. Press the Select button.

  5. Use the Up and Down buttons to scroll to the appropriate mode:


    Operation Timecode Mode

    SyncBac PRO is master and sets the timecode of:

    • Its own GoPro HERO camera (the GoPro HERO camera that is connected to the master SyncBac PRO)
    • Other SyncBac PROs in the same RF network.
    GP Master TX
    SyncBac PRO is slave and has its timecode set by another device in the same BLINK network RF Slave


    *When a SyncBac PRO is free running and in RF Slave mode, it uses its own timecode but continues to search for a master on the same RF network. If it finds a master, the master will set the timecode.

    Note: A SyncBac PRO can only be the master to SyncBac PRO slaves - it cannot be a master to other Timecode Systems products, such as :wave, :pulse, or minitrx+.

  6. Press the Select button.

  7. Use the Up and Down buttons to set the RF Channel that the SyncBac PRO will use to communicate with the master device. The master device can only communicate with slave devices that use the same RF Channel as the master.
  8. Press the Select button.


The following table shows how you should set your SyncBac PRO when there are other Timecode Systems devices in the same network.

Products in Workflow Recommended Set-up
SyncBac PROs only


Set one as the master and all others as slaves for timecode sync.

:pulse and SyncBac PROs

Set :pulse as timecode master and SyncBacs PROs to RF slave mode, for timecode sync and BLINK Hub control. Other products in the workflow can be set to RF slave mode for timecode sync only.

SyncBac PROs and other TCS products

Set one unit as the master (preferably a pulse, wave or USO) with all other units set to RF slave mode, for timecode sync. 

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