RF Slave - SyncBac PRO

If you want your SyncBac PRO to receive its timecode from another Timecode Systems device, set it to run in RF Slave mode. It will then try to connect with the master device in the network. If it is in range of the master, and using the same RF channel, it will synchronise with the master's timecode (see RF Network).


The master sends the following data to the slaves via RF:

  • Timecode
  • Frames-Per-Second
  • User bits (metadata).

When a slave receives this data, it updates its own internal settings to match, so that it is synchronised with the master.

Note: If your slave cannot connect to a master, it runs in free mode (see What if a Slave Cannot Find a Master?).

To set your SyncBac PRO to be a master in an RF network, see Set the Timecode Mode.

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