Connect SyncBac PRO to a GoPro HERO6 Black

To connect your SyncBac PRO to your GoPro HERO6 Black:

  1. Place the GoPro HERO6 Black in the frame that is supplied with the camera.
  2. Clip the bottom of the SyncBac PRO frame to the bar on the bottom of the HERO6 Black frame.
  3. Place your SyncBac PRO into the SyncBac PRO frame. The back of the SyncBac PRO should face the rear screen of the HERO6 Black.


  1. Close the SyncBac PRO frame and secure it with the buckle on the top of the HERO6 Black frame.
  2. Use the USB C to USB C cable to connect the SyncBac PRO to the GoPro HERO6 Black.

You have now physically connected your GoPro HERO6 Black to your SyncBac PRO. But the two will not work together until you have set up your SyncBac PRO.

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