Set the RF Country/Area - SyncBac PRO

Your SyncBac PRO can communicate with other devices via radio. Before you use your SyncBac PRO, you need to set it to use the correct radio frequencies for the country you are in. This is because the regulations for the use of radio frequencies vary in different countries.

Note: The RF Country/Area setting does not apply to SyncBac PRO units sold in North America and Canada. If you purchased your SyncBac PRO in the US or Canada and wish to use it in another country, please contact Timecode Systems. We can provide you with a free updater application that will allow you to set the country/area.

To set the RF country/area:

  1. Switch on your SyncBac PRO (see Switch SyncBac PRO On and Off).

  2. Press the Select button.
  3. Use the Up and Down buttons to scroll to the System Settings option.

  4. Press the Select button.
  5. Use the Up and Down buttons to scroll to the Set RF Country/Area option.
  6. Press the Select button.
  7. Use the Up and Down buttons to select the appropriate area:
    • Europe/UK
    • Japan/China
    • US/CA/AU/NZ (for USA, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand).

    Note: If you want to use your SyncBac PRO in another region, please contact Timecode Systems for advice.

  8. Press the Select button to confirm. Your SyncBac PRO will now communicate using radio frequencies that are appropriate for the region you selected.
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