Quick Set Up SyncBac PRO as GP Master TX

If you want your SyncBac PRO to be the master, set it to run as a GP Master TX. As the master, the SyncBac PRO will send its timecode settings to slave SyncBac PROs in the same RF network. The slaves will receive the timecode and apply it so that they synchronise with the master SyncBac PRO.

  1. Connect your SyncBac PRO to your GoPro HERO. For details, see Connect SyncBac PRO to a GoPro HERO4 or Connect SyncBac PRO to a GoPro HERO6.
  2. Switch your SyncBac PRO on (see Switch SyncBac PRO On and Off).
  3. Set the RF Country/Area.

    This is important as your SyncBac PRO has to be set to use the appropriate frequency range for your country.

  4. Set the Timecode Mode to GP Master TX (see Set the Timecode Mode).

    This is important as it defines how your SyncBac PRO synchronises with other devices.

    Timecode devices use a master-slave relationship for synchronisation. If this concept is new to you, you can find explanations in Master and Slave Relationship.

  5. Set the RF Channel.

    The RF Channel defines which RF network your SyncBac PRO will be a member of, and therefore, which master or slaves it can communicate with.

  6. Set the SyncBac PRO's FPS rate to the appropriate value (see Set the Frame Rate Per Second for the Master).

    Note: The FPS for the SyncBac PRO is not an exact match of the GoPro HERO's FPS setting. The SyncBac PRO uses more precise values than the HERO camera.

  7. Set the SyncBac PRO's timecode or 'T/C' (see Set the Timecode for the Master). This sets the SyncBac PRO master's timecode. The timecode is then sent to any slaves in the same RF network.

When you have completed these steps, you have applied the minimum required settings for your SyncBac PRO in GP Master TX mode. It should now be able to time stamp your GoPro HERO recordings and use the appropriate timecode (it will use its own timecode settings and these settings will also be used by slave SyncBac PROs in the same RF network).

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