GP Master TX - SyncBac PRO

You can set your SyncBac PRO to run in GP Master TX mode, where it acts as a master in an RF Network. You should use the GP Master TX mode if:

  • You want to use your SyncBac PRO independently. Your SyncBac PRO will provide timecode to a connected device, but will not synchronise with other Timecode Systems products.
  • You want your SyncBac PRO to run as the master and provide the timecode that is used by slave devices in the network.

As the master, your SyncBac PRO will send its timecode, frames-per-second, and user bits to all of the slave devices (that are in range and communicating on the same RF channel).


To set your SyncBac PRO to be a master in an RF network, see Set the Timecode Mode.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of master and slaves, see Master and Slave Relationship.

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