What if a SyncBac PRO Slave Cannot Find a Master?

Sometimes, your SyncBac PRO may be out of range of its master. In this situation, your SyncBac PRO cannot receive timecode from the master and so uses its own internal timecode instead. This is called 'free running'.

If your SyncBac PRO cannot connect to a master device, it will use its own timecode settings instead. The most likely reasons for a slave being unable to connect to a master are:

  • The master is out of range
  • The devices in the RF network are all set to run as slaves (so there is no master).

When a SyncBac PRO slave is 'free running', it will continue to try and find a master device. As soon as it finds a master device within range and in the same RF network, it will try to connect and synchronise with the master.


Let's say you want to film two riders in a mountain bike event. Both of the riders are wearing GoPro HERO cameras that have SyncBac PROs attached.

The first rider, Paul, sets his SyncBac PRO to run in GP Master TX mode and selects RF Channel 4. The second rider, Susan, sets her SyncBac PRO to run in RF Slave mode and also selects RF Channel 4.

At the start, Paul and Susan's SyncBac PROs are within range of each other and so their timecode is synchronised.

During the event, Paul has a puncture and has to stop to repair it. During this time, Susan continues ahead and goes out of range of Paul. At this point, Susan's SyncBac PRO loses communication with Paul's master SyncBac PRO, and so it carries on using the timecode that it has in place.

Paul fixes his puncture and catches up with Susan. His master SyncBac PRO is back in range of Susan's slave SyncBac PRO and so they re-connect and re-synchronise.

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