Charging SyncBac PRO

SyncBac PRO has a built-in Li-Polymer 3.7V battery and it should last around 10-12 hours from a full charge.

Note: Battery life may be reduced if your SyncBac PRO is used in extreme temperatures. Both very hot and very cold conditions can affect battery performance.

If the battery in your SyncBac PRO is running out of power, the LED flashes red and the following message is displayed on screen:


The low battery power is also indicated on the battery icon in the bottom-right of the main screen, next to the channel number. The amount of white in the inner of the battery icon represents the amount of charge left in the battery. In the image below, the inner of the battery icon is black, which means there is no charge in the battery.


It is also shown on the battery status screen (see Power and Battery).

To recharge the battery, you will need the mini USB cable that is supplied with your SyncBac PRO and a mini USB compatible charger socket (not supplied). The mini USB cable connects to the SyncBac PRO via the mini USB port on the left-hand edge (see Ports - SyncBac PRO (HERO6) or Ports -SyncBac PRO (HERO4)).


Note: You do not have to disconnect your SyncBac PRO from the GoPro HERO when charging.


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