Ports - SyncBac PRO (HERO6)

Your SyncBac PRO has a variety of ports for connecting with other devices and chargers.


On the left edge of the SyncBac PRO, you will see the mini USB 2.0 port (labelled PC), which is used for:

  • Charging the SyncBac PRO. The port is 5v power IN.
  • Connecting the SyncBac PRO to a PC or Mac for downloading firmware updates.

Also on the left edge is a USB-C port (labelled CAM), which is for connecting the SyncBac PRO to the Go Pro HERO6™ Black.

For the CAM connection, you need to use the supplied HEROBus connection ribbon cable. You can attach it so that the ribbon faces upwards or downwards, depending on what is more practical for how you have your camera positioned.


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