Quick Setup BLINK Hub and :wave

Quick Setup: BLINK Hub and :wave

To get your :wave to communicate with BLINK Hub or other apps:

  1. First set up your :wave to connect to other Timecode Systems devices, a sound mixer/recorder, or a video camera as appropriate. You can find instructions in the following sections:
  2. This step only applies if you are connecting a Sound Devices 6-series sound mixer/recorder to your :wave.

    Use a a TCB-40 9-pin data to USB B cable to connect your sound mixer/recorder to the :wave's DATA port.

  3. Download and install the BLINK Hub app on your Apple® Macintosh® computer, or your smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android).

    BLINK Hub is available via our website:


    It is also available in the ITunes app store (iOS) and in the Google Play store (Android).

  4. If you want to use your :wave to control an ARRI® Alexa® camera, purchase and install Pure Blend Software's MovieSlate® app on your smartphone or tablet. MovieSlate® is required to control ARRI® Alexa® cameras. If you prefer, you can also use MovieSlate to control Sound Devices 6-series sound mixer/recorders instead of BLINK Hub.
  5. Switch on your :wave unit (see Switch :wave On and Off).

  6. Press the control knob.

  7. Use the control knob to put the following settings in place:
    Wi-Fi Connection
    Wi-Fi Settings > Turn On/Off > Turn On
    Network Type > SoftAp*
    Stealth Mode > Disabled*
    Channel > 01*
  8. * These are the default settings for Wi-Fi. If you experience problems with Wi-Fi with these settings, you will need to change them, see Set up Wi-Fi for Data Streaming.

  9. Run your BLINK Hub (or MovieSlate®, where appropriate) app on your smartphone or tablet.
  10. Use the app to connect to your :wave.

When BLINK Hub connects to your :wave, it automatically detects any devices that are connected to the :wave. If your :wave is the master device in the BLINK network, BLINK Hub will detect the :wave and its slaves.

You can then use BLINK Hub to monitor and control the available devices (Timecode Systems devices, video cameras, Sound Devices 6-series sound mixers/recorders).


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