Set the Genlock Output - :wave

Set the Genlock Output

If your camera supports genlock, you should set your :wave to output a genlock signal as well as timecode. Genlock is a signal that is used to set the time for the recording of each frame, and when used in conjunction with timecode, it means your recording and timecode data will be synchronised with no clock drift. This is the best form of synchronisation, but is not supported by all cameras.

  1. Set up the camera to receive genlock from an external source. Please refer to the manufacturer's instructions for your camera for more information.
  2. Use a TCB-10 cable to connect your camera's genlock input to the TC/SYNC output port on your :wave.
  3. Use a TCB-20 cable to connect your camera's timecode port to the TC port on your :wave.

    Note: It is possible to output timecode via the TC/SYNC port instead of the TC port, see Set the Genlock Output.

  4. Use the control knob to access the SYNC Generator menu.
  5. Apply the following settings:
    Set BNC O/P Mode

    Set to the appropriate genlock signal. To find out which genlock signal is correct for your camera, please refer to the manufacturer's instructions.

    Set BNC O/P LevelYour camera's instructions may specify a required level. If so, set the BNC O/P Level to Normal or High as appropriate. If the instructions do not specify a level, set the BNC O/P Level to Normal.

    Your :wave will now output a genlock signal to your camera via the TC/SYNC BNC port. If the camera is not receiving the signal, check the BNC cable is connected correctly and try changing the Set BNC O/P Level to High. If the camera still does not receive a genlock signal, contact Timecode Systems for assistance.

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