Switch :wave On/Off

Switch :wave On and Off

Your :wave unit has an internal battery and can also be powered via the 9-36V DC LEMO socket or the USB 2.0 socket. As long as it has a power source, you can use the control knob to switch it on and off.

To switch your :wave on:

  1. Press the control knob.

    The :wave screen lights up and displays the message: Turn knob to switch on.

  2. Turn the control knob.

    The :wave switches on and shows one of the status screens. If you turn the control knob, the :wave will cycle through the status screens.


Note: If your :wave does not come on when you press the control knob, the battery may need to be charged (see Charge your :wave).


To switch your :wave off:

  1. Press the control knob and keep it pressed down. A countdown appears on the screen: Shutting down in 3.
  2. Keep the control knob pressed down until the countdown is finished and the following message is displayed: Turn knob to switch off.
  3. Turn the control knob. This extra step is designed to prevent you from accidentally turning the :wave off. If you do not turn the control knob within a few seconds, the :wave stays on and the screen reverts to showing the main display.


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