Display and Controls - :wave

Display and Controls



The antenna is for the digital transceiver module and it operates in the 868MHz to 923MHz ISM bands.


OLED Display

The OLED display is a blue 128 x 32 pixels pixels screen. When you switch on the :wave, all status information, messages, and menus and options are shown on this screen.

To learn about the various status displays, including the 'Main' screen shown above, see Status Information.


The LED to the left of the OLED display acts as a colour-coded status indicator.

Colour Description

A flashing green LED shows that Wi-Fi is off.

Blue A flashing blue LED shows that Wi-Fi is on.

A flashing red LED shows that there are warning messages. The warning messages are displayed on the OLED.

Simultaneous Flashing The LED acts as an indicator for synchronised Timecode Systems devices. If there are multiple devices in a network, their LEDs will flash simultaneously when they are synchronised. If a device is in the network and has its LED flashing at a different time to the other devices, that device is not synchronised.

Control Knob

You can use the control knob to turn the :wave on and off, navigate through menu options, and select options. The control knob acts as a button and a dial.

To turn the :wave on and off, or to select an option in a menu, you should press the end of the control knob. You will hear (and feel) the button inside the control knob press down.

To navigate through the available menus and options and to increase or decrease a value, you should turn the control knob. You can turn the control knob clockwise or anti-clockwise to cycle through the available options or values.

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