Synchronisation Overview - :pulse

Set Up :pulse for Synchronisation

Your :pulse is an extremely accurate timecode, genlock, and word clock generator, and is designed for synchronising professional recording devices. There are several different ways of setting up your :pulse for synchronisation, so you need to consider how you want to use it as part of your recording setup.


Setup Type Further Information
:pulse synchronises with other Timecode Systems devices in a BLINK network. The :pulse and other devices communicate with each other via radio (RF).

:pulse and the BLINK Network.

Quick Set Up :pulse in a BLINK Network.

:pulse synchronises with an external timecode source, such as a third-party system, and runs independently. It does not communicate with other Timecode Systems devices. Free Running and Jamming.

When you know how you want to use your :pulse, you can set it to provide timecode to a sound mixer/recorder or video camera.

Alternatively, you can set your :pulse to receive timecode from an external device (we call the device a timecode source).

Your :pulse can also send a word clock signal to a sound mixer/recorder and a genlock signal to a video camera, for even greater accuracy.

To learn more about setting up your :pulse to connect to sound mixer/recorders and video cameras, see:

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