:pulse Ports


Your :pulse has a variety of ports for connecting with other devices and chargers.



Port Description
LEMO 9-36V DC Power supply input. This is a LEMO 2 socket.
LEMO DATA For connecting your :pulse to third-party equipment. This is a LEMO 9 socket.
LEMO TC For timecode input and output. This is a LEMO 5 socket.
TC/SYNC (BNC) For outputting genlock, word clock, or timecode to third-party equipment.

The Ethernet ports allow you to use our BLINK Hub or other apps via a wired connection rather than Wi-Fi. Simply connect your :pulse to a network via a wired Ethernet connection and then run the apps on your laptop PC or MacBook.

If you are using ARRI® Alexa® cameras, the Ethernet ports provide an Ethernet to Wi-Fi bridge. This enables remote control and metadata logging.

Micro USB 2.0

You can use the micro USB 2.0 port to:

  • Charge your :pulse (via a USB 2.0 charger and cable). The micro USB port is a 5V power IN socket.
  • Connect your :pulse to a PC or Mac for downloading firmware, FPGA updates for the on-board chip, and web page updates for the BLINK Hub app.

Please visit www.timecodesystems.com/support/firmware for instructions on how to update the firmware of your :pulse.


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