Button Lock - :wave

Button Lock

The :wave unit's small design means it can be carried alongside other equipment with ease. But if your :wave is likely to knock into other objects, the control knob could be turned and pressed accidentally, potentially changing the :wave's settings. To prevent this, you can turn on the Button Lock feature. With the lock enabled, any accidental presses or rotations of the control knob will have no effect on the :wave's settings.

To get to the settings when Button Lock is enabled, you first have to manually deactivate the lock.

To enable/disable Button Lock:

  1. Display the Main Screen.
  2. Turn the control knob to scroll to the screen that shows Button Lock: at the top.

    The Button Lock screen will present you with one of two messsages:

    • Press to Lock - This message is shown if Button Lock is currently disabled. if you press the control knob, Button Lock will be enabled. The :wave will not allow you to access the menu options again until the Button Lock has been disabled.
    • Press to Un-Lock - This message is only shown if Button Lock is currently enabled. If you press the control knob, Button Lock will be disabled. You will be able to access the menus again, by pressing and turning the control knob.
  3. Press the control knob to confirm your selection.
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