Troubleshooting - SyncBac PRO

If you are having difficulty setting up your SyncBac PRO, the following troubleshooting sections may help:


If you are experiencing problems that are not covered here, please contact Timecode Systems technical support for assistance.


SyncBac PRO Slave not Connecting to Master

If your SyncBac PRO is not receiving clock settings from a master device, it could be due to:


SyncBac PRO Slave is Connecting to Wrong Master

If your SyncBac PRO is running in slave mode and connects to the wrong master device, it is likely that there are multiple masters in the same BLINK network. A BLINK network should only have one master device, see SyncBac PRO has two different Timecode modes: RF Slave and GP Master TX. These modes define how your SyncBac PRO's clock is synchronised with other devices, and so it is important that you choose the appropriate setting..


GoPro HERO4™ Not Detected by Slave SyncBac PRO

If you have a SyncBac PRO set to run as a slave, it needs to synchronise with a master device before it can be used with a HERO4™. This is because when you set a SyncBac PRO to run as a slave, it expects to get its timecode from a master device at least once.

  1. Display the Main Screen on your SyncBac PRO (see Main Screen
  2. Use the Up and Down buttons to scroll to the GoPro status screen.
  3. Look at the Status and Link entries. If the Status is Not Ready and Link is Wait RF Lock, it means that the SyncBac PRO slave has not synchronised with a master (it is waiting for an RF lock with a master, which is when the clock is set).

To resolve this issue, make sure the SyncBac PRO slave uses the correct channel for the BLINK network and is in range of the master device. You will also need to make sure the master device is set up correctly and connected to the BLINK network.


SyncBac PRO not Responding to Select button

In the unlikely event that your SyncBac PRO does not display the menu when you press the Select button, try a In the highly unlikely event that your SyncBac PRO becomes unresponsive and you cannot access the menus, you can perform a 'hard reset'. A hard reset reboots the SyncBac PRO. It is similar to turning the SyncBac PRO off and back on again - the settings that were in place before the hard reset are kept. This is different to a factory reset, where the existing settings are lost (see You can reset your SyncBac PRO to its original state by selecting Set Factory Defaults. This can be useful if you want to use your SyncBac PRO in a different BLINK network or for a different purpose and you want to start with a completely fresh SyncBac PRO.)..


SyncBac PRO Battery not Charging

If the SyncBac PRO battery is not re-charging when you use a mini USB charger:

  1. Switch your SyncBac PRO off (see To switch your SyncBac PRO on:).
  2. Check that the mini USB port on the SyncBac PRO is clear. Mini USB ports can get clogged with lint from pockets or dirt and dust from the environment.
  3. Try using a different mini USB charger.
  4. Try using a different mini USB cable.

If the problem persists, contact Timecode Systems for advice.


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