Remote Control and Monitoring - SyncBac PRO with :Pulse

Did you know that you can monitor and control your SyncBac PRO and HERO4™ remotely, via a tablet or desktop PC or Mac? All you need is a Timecode Systems :pulse in your BLINK network and the free BLINK Hub application.

In BLINK Hub, each device in the BLINK network has its own status panel. The status panel shows a variety of status information about the device and its attachments. So you can view the status of your SyncBac PROs and the HERO4™s to which they are connected.

Even better, you can use BLINK Hub for remote control. With a :pulse as the master, you can switch slaves on and off and start and stop recordings from your desktop, tablet or smartphone. To control a SyncBac PRO remotely, it must be set to run in RF Slave mode, and a :pulse must be set as the master (see SyncBac PRO has two different Timecode modes: RF Slave and GP Master TX. These modes define how your SyncBac PRO's clock is synchronised with other devices, and so it is important that you choose the appropriate setting.).

For instructions on how to use BLINK Hub, please refer to the BLINK Hub documentation, which is provided with :pulse mini-base stations.


Tip: Visit or contact your local stockist for more information on :pulse mini base stations.

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