Connect SyncBac PRO to a GoPro HERO4

IMPORTANT: Before you connect a GoPro HERO4, you must ensure that it is operating the latest firmware (from version 4 onwards), otherwise it will not embed timecode. You can update your GoPro here

Your SyncBac PRO connects to the battery pack connection on the rear of the Go Pro HERO4:

  1. Hold the SyncBac PRO so that its screen is facing you. At the back of the SyncBac PRO, on the right-hand edge, you will see the curved hinge.
  2. Slide the curved hinge of the SyncBac PRO into the grooved edge on the rear-right of the HERO4.
  3. Gently press the rear of the SyncBac PRO so that its HEROBus connector slots into the connection slot on the rear of the HERO4.

You have now physically connected your GoPro HERO4 to your SyncBac PRO. But the two will not work together until you have set up your SyncBac PRO.

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