Denecke TS-TCB Overview

This is a guided tour of your TS-TCB. The TS-TCB includes a highly accurate timecode generator and multi-channel digital timecode transceiver, with integrated WiFi.


The Denecke TS-TCB slate settings are viewed using the large matrix display or from the settings page within the Timecode Buddy: app.

TS-TCB Front and Back

  1. Antenna - For the digital transceiver module operating in 870MHz (CE), 915MHz (FCC/IC) and 920MHz (ARIB) bands.
  2. Large LED matrix screen - Shows unit status, settings and mirrored text from the app.
  3. LED segment screen - Shows timecode and user bits on clap.
  4. Control knob - Allows navigation through menus.
  5. TC IN/OUT and Power IN socket - LEMO 5 (Pin 1 GND, Pin 2 TC IN, Pin 3 N/C, Pin 4 +6V-14V DC input, Pin 5 TC OUT).


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