Flip the Display - SyncBac PRO

In some locations, you may need to mount the HERO4™ so that it hangs upside-down. But this doesn't mean you have to look at the SyncBac PRO display upside-down too - by using the Flip Display option, you can rotate the screen display by 180°.

To flip the display:

  1. Connect your SyncBac PRO to a HERO4™ (if it is not connected already). For further details, see Connect SyncBac PRO to a GoPro HERO4™.

  2. If your SyncBac PRO is currently off, switch it on (see To switch your SyncBac PRO on:).

  3. Press the Select button.

  4. Use the Up and Down buttons to scroll to the Display Settings option.
  5. Press the Select button.

  6. Use the Up and Down buttons to scroll to the Flip Display option.
  7. Press the Select button to confirm.

  8. Repeat steps 3-7 inclusive to rotate the screen display to its previous orientation.


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