SyncBac PRO Specification


Category Specification
OLED Display Blue 128 × 32 Pixels
Timecode Generator Accuracy TCX0 0.5ppm when free running. In practice, approximately 1 frame drift in 24 hours. Zero ppm when RF locked to a master.
Supported FPS Modes




External Power Mini USB (5V DC)
Internal Power Built-in Li-Polymer (3.7V battery)
T/C Input Provided via a GoPro Master SyncBac PRO or Timecode Systems :pulse base station.
T/C Outputs

HEROBus connector

Embedded timecode metadata in MP4 camera media

Multi-Channel Digital Receiver 865.050MHz to 923.200MHz

If your SyncBac PRO is using its internal aerial only, the typical range for synchronisation with a master is approximately 200m (256 feet, 219 yards).

If your SyncBac PRO has an external aerial attached, the typical range is 500-600m (1640-1968 feet, 546-656 yards).

*Typical range. The range can vary.

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