Timecode Buddy: App for :minitrx+

If you own a B:LINK enabled Timecode Systems WiFi product (pulse, wave and Denecke TS-TCB Slate) then you will be able to monitor and control the mini trx+ from the Timecode Buddy: app.

Simply use the WiFi product in a MASTER TX mode, use the mini trx+ in RF/C slave mode. Ensure all devices are on the same RF channel. Once you log your iPad/iPhone onto the WiFi network you will see the mini trx+ device when you press the TCB Devices tab on the app.

If you want to remotely change any of the Device settings via the app, press settings, type in the four-digit passcode (set on the systems menu of your B:LINK master WiFi Device) then make changes directly from the app.

Using the App

Overview. The app allows you to display a frame accurate Timecode Reader of your timecode on-set, via the WiFi network. It also allows some remote settings of the trx+ unit itself when connected BLINK master WiFi unit.

  1. Devices control

    Clicking on TCB Devices shows all Timecode Systems units available and allows you to select one to connect to and control.

  2. Settings control

    Clicking on Device Settings causes a passcode prompt to appear. Ensuring that only users with the passcode permission can change the device settings. From this menu you have the option of choosing direct remote control.


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