B:LINK Network and :minitrx+

The B:LINK network augments the existing wirelessly shared timecode and sync data. The proprietary B:LINK RF network keeps the same incredibly accurate wireless sync over the robust sub GHz ISM bands, but adds enhanced two-way multiplexed status/control and metadata.


This allows for complete monitoring and control of all connected “B:LINK-enabled” Timecode Systems’ devices and is built to allow for long-range remote control and status of any supported & connected third-party accessories.

A product such as the pulse, wave or Denecke TS-TCB slate can be configured as a BLINK master, and products such as the pulse, wave, trx+ and Denecke TS-TCB slate can be configured as BLINK slave devices.

Your mini trx+ will automatically function as a B:LINK slate device when in RF/C mode and receiving a timecode signal from a B:LINK master unit (needs to be set to the same RF channel and country).

The B:LINK slave devices are continually feeding back their status and settings to the B:LINK master unit. The BLINK master unit then allows apps such as MovieSlate 8 and the Timecode Buddy: app; to not only display all of this information, but allow the user to remote control certain features.

Additionally with the wave and pulse products, if any supported 3rd party equipment is connected the Data port or Ethernet port (pulse), then this equipment can also be remotely controlled.

Of course, all of this B:LINK functionality is multiplexed with the original Timecode and Sync information data packets. This ensures that legacy and non- B:LINK Timecode Systems’ devices are still supported from a B:LINK master source.

The huge advantage of the BLINK protocol is that the Timecode Systems RF transceiver is very long range and robust, with up to 500 metres line of sight range. It is a very uncongested frequency band on set and in heavy RF environments. This then allows the Wi-Fi network of the B:LINK master to be used as a short wireless hop into the apps or a solid cabled Ethernet connection between the PC or Mac, with the long range communications to slave units being looked after by the B:LINK network.


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